Helen Skouteris

Monash Warwick Professor in Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science, Monash University, Australia

Helen Skouteris is the Monash Warwick professor in healthcare improvement and implementation science at Monash University. Her research expertise spans maternal and child health and wellbeing with a specific focus on obesity prevention. Helen has a strong track record in longitudinal multi-factorial research, randomized controlled trials and implementation research. Since 2010, she has focused largely on building active agency/capacity in the consumer to make healthy lifestyle choices across preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and childhood, including adolescence, to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity. Skouteris is driven to break down disciplinary and sector-based silos and her work in health, community service, and education sector improvement involves stakeholder and consumer and community engagement; her goal is to work collectively to improve health and social outcomes for children and adults -and this work is critical in transforming policy across these sectors.


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