Gayatri Mishra Oleti

Head of Operations, Larsen Toubro Public Charitable Trust, India

Gayatri M. Oleti is head of operations at Larsen Toubro Public Charitable Trust. She is experienced in public health program design; aligning with health system improvement and technology deployment, and managing large multi-sectoral projects bringing private sector, government and civil society together to pursue innovative policy and programs to address social challenges. Gayatri has worked with different states in India and at national-level government, as well as bilateral agencies with multi-functional teams to design prototypes in the public health domain, which have been scaled up at the state level. Her interest lies not only designing health intervention or plotting strategies but also implementing on the ground and scaling up. Gayatri is a proponent of promoting technology for development and supporting incubated social enterprise in the health domain. She strongly feels technology is the greatest enablers to mitigate social challenges and that technology with a human touch can solve the biggest social issues. Gayatri is an economics graduate with an MBA in human resource management. She is an alumni of London School of Economics and the Xavier Institute of Management. She also holds a Ph.D. in population studies. She is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.


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