Marjorie Layden-Schimberg

Chair, Henry Schimberg Foundation for Ethics and Leadership

Marjorie Layden Schimberg is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Montecito, CA. In partnership with her late husband, Henry A. Schimberg, she permanently endowed a course at the University of California at Santa Barbara - "Ethics, Enterprise and Leadership Seminar" - designed to engage undergraduate students in the study of ethics and in philosophical debate. She currently serves as chair of the Henry Schimberg Foundation for Ethics and Leadership whose mission is to foster a strong sense of personal and business ethics among future leaders by investing in education and civil dialogue. In her early 20s, Ms. Layden founded Layden Electronics Inc., operating out of Hong Kong for the export of OEM components manufactured in Asia and the import of the same into the United States for major American systems integrators. On retirement in 1990, she returned to the US where she founded Layden Fine Arts to continue her lifelong interest and passion for collecting Asian art and antiquities as well as Ming furniture. A part of her collection resides in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. In 1999, she endowed and founded the Children's School of Excellence, a non-profit private school (Pre-K through Grade 8) in Rainier Washington with a curriculum focused on principles of character building in addition to strong academic pursuits. Among many causes close to her heart, Ms. Layden is a supporter of the Capps Center, the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, the Mind & Life Institute, and One Heart Worldwide.

(Last Updated June 2017)

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