Manuela Resch-Trampitsch

Director Finance, Salzburg

Manuela Resch-Trampitsch is the director finance, Salzburg of Salzburg Global Seminar. In her role she is responsible for the management and direction of the Austrian accounting department, ensuring budget conformance and monthly reporting, banking and preparing the year end audit reports according Austrian law and year end audit reports according US-GAAP law. She is also responsible for the Salzburg administration of personnel and payroll as well as overseeing the Austrian insurance policies. Manuela reports to the Vice President and Chief Finance Officer in Washington and helps with analyses, evaluations, Austrian cash flow management as well as Austrian debt management. Manuela holds a diploma from the the Bundeshandelsakademie Liezen, Austria, a diploma in tourism from the University of Salzburg, Austria and a degree in accounting.

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