Martin Silva Rey

Impact Reporter

Martín Silva Rey is an Impact Reporter for Salzburg Global Seminar, where he focuses on the Global Innovations in Youth Violence, Safety and Justice initiative, for which he is in charge of producing a series of features and video interview packages highlighting the program's innovative ideas and projects. Outside of Salzburg Global, he is the Agence France-Presse (AFP) correspondent in Bolivia. Based in the capital La Paz, he covers the country's current affairs and produces in-depth multimedia reportages in Spanish, English, and French. Before moving to Bolivia, Martín was a video editor at AFP's Latin America desk in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he edited and published videos from journalists in the field, cut lives, filmed and edited news and features. In 2019, as the Features Intern at Salzburg Global, he was the lead writer of the first issue of the organization's magazine, Clemens, and also wrote features for its other online and print publications. He did an academic year in Brussels in 2018, where he co-authored an article on social housing for Belgian newspaper Le Soir. That year, he was responsible for live-tweeting the Global Editors Network (GEN) summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Passionate about storytelling, Martín is committed to combining different research techniques in his features, ranging from data journalism to life-history. He is a Future News Worldwide alumnus and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism.

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