Matthew Creamer

Senior Policy Officer, Greater London Authority

Matt is a senior policy officer for the Greater London Authority in London, which he joined in 2016 and where he advises the Mayor of London on child obesity. Matt is interested in understanding the experiences of families living in obesogenic environments, generating outputs from complex systems and collaborations, developing public health leadership in political environments, and learning how design principles can change the way we think about long standing inequalities issues and what new solutions might look like. Matt recently established London's Child Obesity Taskforce and has worked with a diverse range of colleagues to develop and implement the Mayor's recent ban on junk food advertising across London's transport network, restrict junk food shops around schools, Mayoral support for The Daily Mile and the role out of a new generation of water fountains for London. Matt also oversees the Mayor's Healthy Workplace Charter programme. Matt received an BA (hons) from Lancaster University in 2006 and a post-graduate diploma from the University of Nottingham in 2009.


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