Karen den Hertog

Program Manager, Amsterdam Healthy Weight Program

Karen has been with the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme from the start and in June 2018 became program manager. Over the past ten years she has worked on complex problems in the social domain for the municipality of Amsterdam. The common denominator in the relevant programs has been the shaping of a collaborative approach with various departments and districts, with every stakeholder taking his or her own responsibility. When responsible for the 'curative' part of the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme Karen initiated and oversaw the implementation of a practice that has now become the basis of the national model for the chain of care for children with overweight and obesity. As deputy program manager, since 2014 Karen was also responsible for the 'First 1000 Days' part of the program, national lobbying and international affairs. Besides her work for the Amsterdam program, Karen is also in the lead on one of sixteen trajectories - Reducing Health Inequalities - of the Social Domain Program. In this national project municipalities and national government work together to create learning communities to guide the Dutch transformation of the social domain. Karen has an M.Sc. in Public Administration.


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