Aruna Desai

Founding Member of Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents of India, India

Aruna Desai is the founding member of Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents of India. This group bridges the gap between parents of LGBTIQ children and strives to build a parallel structure of support system for them. While she has been involved in social welfare for many decades, her foray into the domain of LGBTIQ activism began when her son Abhishek came out to her as a teenager. To help ease the struggle children face with acceptance of sexuality, she decided to be a part of parents meets and panel discussions organised by a group called "Gay Bombay," where she came to the realization that not all parents accept their children the way they are. Since then, she has spoken at various forums and has counseled parents and children. Her advocacy is widely reported in the Indian media besides talks and in-person counseling. To further her cause, she co-produced a multi-award winning Indian film called EVENING SHADOWS, which focusses on a parent-child relationship and acceptance of sexuality.

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