Fatema Shabbir

Editor and Founder of Outcast Magazine, Pakistan

Fatema Bhaji is the editor and founder of Outcast Magazine which is a South Asian LGBTQ+ literary magazine based in Karachi. They are working to shed light on LGBTQ+ narratives in a local context in order to change the social status quo. Fatema is an active and vocal member of the LGBT community in both countries that she has lived in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. She works hard to provide visibility to marginalized groups and aims to give a voice to people who are closeted due to the constraints that society places upon them. Fatema aims to create a support system for queer people in need of a community because she feels that, while social acceptance for queer people in Pakistan may be a long way off, providing a comfort zone to the community will go a long way towards improving the mental health of its members.

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