Marianne Faith Sadicon

Lawyer, Philippines

Marianne Faith Sadicon works as a lawyer for Sandiganbayan, the national anti-graft court in Quezon City, Philippines. Alongside working as a government lawyer, she has been active in LGBTIQ organizations. She also assists women and the LGBTIQ communities with their legal concerns and gives advice to individuals on policies that might affect the community. Marianne was one of the founding members and legal consultant of Bahaghari LGBT Organization, the first LGBTIQ organization to launch campaigns and programs promoting solidarity between workers, women, and indigenous people and the LGBTIQ community. As a lawyer and an LGBTQ activist, she is deeply committed to use her experience and position in the government to advance the cause of LGBTIQ people in the Philippines. Aside from assisting LGBTIQ people, she is interested in introducing and advancing judicial reforms that will directly benefit the LGBTIQ litigants and employees of the judiciary. She is also the chairperson of The LGBT Legal Assistance Group, an organization that aims to assist LGBTIQ people in the Philippines with their legal and psychosocial needs. The organization is working towards building a community that can respond efficiently to LGBTIQ issues and concerns that have legal implications. The organization started when a small group of activists were approached by a few individuals with questions about gender recognition laws in the Philippines. Since then, they have sought to build an organization that has a team of skilled and committed lawyers, law students and advocates who will assist any LGBTIQ person who might need legal assistance.

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