Sandeep Choudhury

Co-founder, VNV Advisory Services, India

Sandeep is a co-founder at VNV Advisory Services, a social enterprise working with communities and climate change in South and Southeast Asia He heads VNV's ownership on low carbon social development projects such as sustainable agriculture, social forestry, coastal resilience, clean cooking, clean air, drinking water, rural energy access and waste management. Sandeep's work encompasses over 6 million rural households across 11+ countries in the region and over 100+ NGOs and implementation partners: currently working on over 1 million hectares of natural ecosystems through climate finance for rejuvenation, restoration, conservation of biodiversity ecosystems and climate smart agriculture for small holders with a big focus on the Himalayan countries and the Mekong basin regions. He has recently launched a climate change impact fund to invest in start-ups related to climate solutions. He also works as an advisor to the private sector in the region with issues related to corporate sustainability and its relation to community impacts and action. He is on the board of numerous non-profits working on climate related projects including Worldview International Foundation Myanmar, Planting on Demand, Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation & Environment Protection Centre Nepal. He is also a director at Carbon Initiative Forum, a non-profit working on climate policy awareness for the youth and currently serves as the co-chair for the International Carbon reduction Alliance. Sandeep has over 17 years of industry experience and has a degree in Electronics.


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