Mariano Pozzi

Image and Sound Designer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mariano Pozzi is an image and sound designer from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where he also works as a screenplay teacher. He has worked in different production companies-mostly in the production and direction area-such as Cineworld, Magna Cine, Reguet Films, Nippur Media, Kon Sud, and Posta. He is also the technical coordinator of the Human Rights Film Festival of Buenos Aires (FICDH) and the Environmental Film Festival of Buenos Aires (FINCA), organized by the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (IMD). His first short film This is not a love story was screened in 20 film festivals in countries like Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Slovenia, and Argentina. His first feature film Ending party is currently in festivals distribution. His next project, the feature film Clochardes, about women on the street and their situation, is sponsored by the National Arts Fund of Argentina and is in development. Born in Buenos Aires in 1990, Mariano has been involved with the arts since he was a child.


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