Tim Hubler

Composer, Pianist and Conductor, USA

Tim Hubler is an American born composer and pianist. He calls Salzburg his "what I did for love" home, after a chance meeting on a Greek island 26 years ago with partner and Salzburger Heiner Kolbe. His accomplishments include songwriting, music theater, film scoring, rock n' roll, rhythm and blues, country and of course classical music. Tim is also a passionate conductor having waved "the stick" to take off and land the great " West Side Story" over 200 times including a remake for the Bernstein Foundation and a national tour in the USA. A commission for the 100th anniversary of Firestone/Bridgestone had him composing for full orchestra. His other works include pieces for piano, piano and cello, piano quartets and quintets. Tim is also a gifted improviser both at the piano and in the kitchen.

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