Rostyslav Milevskyi

Director, Gender Z, Ukraine

Rostyslav Milevskyi is a director of the local LGBTI organization Gender Z, located at the Zaporizhia Region, south-eastern Ukraine. His activism experience is tightly connected with organizing various events, campaigns and protests concerning gender inequalities and homophobia or transphobia in Ukrainian society, as well as developing a volunteer LGBT movement in the region and empowering LGBT community. His professional work experience is connected with management of various project targeted on allies and public. The most recent ones include those aimed at changing public opinion on issues related to diversity, gender equality, human rights and xenophobia, at raising awareness on LGBT issues, lightening information about sexual orientation and gender identity. He possesses great experience in advocacy, teaching tolerance, implementing improvements of professional services, shifting discriminatory attitudes, practices and policies in the Ukrainian fields of journalism, social work, and psychology.


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