Nader Turkmani

Member, Skive Verden, Syria / Norway

Nader Turkmani is a volunteer at a Refugees Center in Bergen helping with welcoming the newly arrived LGBTIQ refugees and making them feel home. He is also a member of the Queer World and works to establish a local branch in Bergen to function as a community center for the LGBTQI people who has a refugees or immigrants background to help with their integration into the Norwegian society. He was studying tourism at Damascus University and psychology at Cairo University, but was unable to finish his studies because of the war conditions in his home country. He had to move throw a few countries to seek asylum. Nader lived in Turkey for two years, where he established a group called the "Tea and Talk" to support LGBTQ Arabic speaking refugees who live in Istanbul. He was then able to get asylum in Norway through UNHCR and moved to Bergen in 2016.

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