Abha Bhaiya

Executive Director, Jagori Rural Charitable Trust, India

Abha Bhaiya is the executive director of Jagori Rural Charitable Trust. She is one the founders of two feminist organizations in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh of India and a senior advisor to a community-based girls' and women's rights and entitlement program spread over 150 villages, which focuses also on female farmers and organic agriculture. She currently works and lives in a small village in the lower Himalayan mountains, where she enjoys her passion for organic agriculture, flowers, friends, music, yoga and books. She is a well-known feminist activist in the country and in the Southern Asian region where she has been active for more than four decades. She is involved in some of the international boards of networks and foundations and she has created a special niche in the field of feminist training methodologies, research, and institution building. Abha has worked on several issues including women's health, multiple sexualities, violence against girls and women, gender fundamentalism and militarization, gender and conflict studies, organic agriculture, governance, and many others.

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