Palitha Vijaya Bandara

Human Rights Activist, Sri Lanka

Palitha Vijaya Bandara is an openly gay man living in Sri Lanka. He is also a human rights activist, who works with civil society and government to further the rights of people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity, people who sell sex, people living with HIV, and those marginalized in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. He is currently employed as an administrator/coordinator by Positive Hopes Alliance, a grassroots organization that is part of the Global Fund's response to HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Sri Lanka. He is also a part of the Global Fund's Role Model program, which includes activists from the LGBT community. In addition, he works as an independent trainer for governmental and non-governmental agencies on sexual and reproductive health rights, including sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV, and advocacy of the repealing discriminatory laws, including Section 365A that criminalizes same sex relationships.


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