Watsamon Tri-yasakda

Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer, Thailand

Watsamon "June" Tri-yasakda is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, she does editorial assignments along with event and lifestyle coverages while working on long-term visual projects. Before becoming a freelancer in 2015, she used to work as a full-time photographer for Coconuts Media sites for a year. She is actively documenting issues of human rights for LGBTIQ community in Thailand and Southeast Asia such as transman in Thailand and the Pride events in ASEAN. Her works have been published and featured in the local and international publications. She has been working with several organizations such as UNAIDS, UNDP and WWF Thailand. In 2016, her LGBTIQ photo essays have been exhibited and screened in Thailand, Myanmar and South Korea. Currently, she is a selected participant in Obscura Festival's "The Southeast Asian Photography Masterclass Scholarship" under the OSTKREUZ Photographer's Agency, and a fellow of UNDP's Being LGBTIQ in Asia Media Fellowship Programme. Watsamon holds a B.A. in Cultural Studies from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. In 2015, she received a scholarship to study a Diploma in Photojournalism, Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines.


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