Su Su Hlaing

Creative Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Myanmar

Su Su Hlaing, a creative filmmaker and a screenwriter, graduated with a B.A. in English from Yangon University. She has worked as a reporter at Modern Weekly, Democratic Voice of Burma and Irrawaddy Magazine for six years. In 2012, Su Su took a screen writing class at the Yangon Film School (YFS) and her first screenplay To School was chosen to be turned into a film. She is currently developing Splash, a feature-length screenplay about a young street kid who snuffs glue and a documentary film project about illegal abortion entitled The Missing Needles. The latter project was awarded a YFS Fellowship grant and Asia Docmonde grant in Cambodia. Su Su's project about the civil war, between the Myanmar Government Army and Kachin Independent Army in Kachin State, Myanmar, has also been awarded a grant from the DMZ Docs Fund in Korea. Su Su has also recently finished a documentary called Love and Other Matters about LGBTs in Myanmar. As a freelance fixer, researcher and line producer, she works for various international media organizations some of which include National Geographic, Aljarzeera English TV, Swiss TV, Peking Express, VISA, Liquid Branding, Document Our History Now, and Yangon Film School.


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