Chinzorig Gochoo

Manager of "Through Democracy" Project, "Wind of Change", Mongolia

Chinzorig Gochoo is the manager of the "Through democracy" project at the "Wind of Change" NGO. In his role he explains Mongolia's democratic peaceful revolution, its current context, human rights issues, state policy, the historical people's contribution to democracy and the historical sightseeings of Ulaanbaatar city to the secondary school students and youth. Prior to joining the "Wind of Change" NGO, he has been the member of "Hands up for your Rights" youth campaign to raise awareness on human rights, gender equality and democracy among the general public. In his role in the campaign he contributed to perform the "Blue scarf" drama (showing same-sex oriented, gay men's life) first time in Mongolia. Since the drama, he has been volunteering for issues of human rights, gender equality, democracy, and LGBT rights, girls and women and people with disabilities. In 2015, he was invited to speak on gender and diversity at TEDx Baga Toiruu and recently he was invited to be a panelist to speak on good experience and opportunity at the Civil Society Youth Forum II. Chinzorig holds a bachelor's degree in dance teaching from the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture and pursues a bachelor's degree in social work at the Ider Institute.


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