Nara Lee

Chief Officer and Steering Committee Member, Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea (HaengSungIn), Republic of Korea

Nara Lee is the chief officer and a steering committee member at Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea (HaengSungIn), which is one of the biggest membership-based LGBTQ rights organizations in South Korea. She coordinates campaigns and projects, as well as manages membership and finance. HeangSungIn supports LGBTQ youth, LGBT labor rights and HIV/AIDS human rights and has been organizing families and parents of LGBTQ people for years. Nara, on behalf of HaengSungIn, takes part in the executive committee of Rainbow Action against Sexual Minority Discrimination, an alliance of South Korean LGBTQ groups. Rainbow Action took lead in several important LGBTQ protests and has been organizing IDAHOT campaigns and LGBTI Human Rights Forum annually. Nara has been an active member of HaengSungIn since 2000 and became a steering committee member in 2011 as the web magazine team leader. She started being involved in the LGBTQ movement through Come Together, the first university LGBTQ group in South Korea. She was a leader of Come Together in 2002. She was also one of the founding members of the KDLP's LGBT committee in 2004.


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