Jong Geol Lee

General Director, Korea Gay Men's Human Rights Group 'Chingusai', Republic of Korea

Jong Geol Lee is the general director of Korea Gay Men's Human Rights Group 'Chingusai'. Chingusai was founded in February 1994 and is one of the oldest sexual minority rights organizations throughout the Republic of South Korea. Jong is responsible for Chingusai's overall activity as well as the organizations that operate for Chingusai. Jong began his career in the gay men's chorus, called 'G_Vocie'. Since he joined the chorus in 2003, he built a career as a choir member, concert planner and choir leader. During this time, he was active in Chingusai in financial management (Bachelor of Business Administration) and as a human rights team manager. Recently, Jong has been busy with a documentary being released about G-Voice titled 'Weekends' which debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival.


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