Rainbow Kistiyanti

Executive Director, Talita Kum, Indonesia

Reny Kistiyanti is an LBT grassroots activist and began her career in social issues specifically in LGBTIQ+ issues as a volunteer. Reny is now the Executive Director of Talita Kum, a community based organization for lesbian, bisexual and transgender female to male (LBT) in Central Java. Reny has experience documenting SOGIEB-based violence cases, as well as reporting and analyzing these cases to Komnas Perempuan (National Commission on Violence Against Women) a collaboration among eight LBT organizations within Indonesia. Her work at Talita Kum includes public education about sexuality and SOGIEB with public, with a focus in religious communities and organizations in Central Java. This work is important as data revealed from the SOGIEB-based violence cases documented and collected by Talita Kum are almost exclusively due to religious interpretation permitting LGBT discrimination. Reny graduated from the University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta with a B.A. in mass communications.


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