Mr. Mark Wenig

U.S. Foreign Service officer (FSO), retired.

Mark Wenig is a retired US Foreign Service officer residing in Vienna who, during his last position in Cairo as the US Cultural Attaché, arranged for Embassy Cairo to sponsor several Egyptian academics to attend the American Studies symposium at the Salzburg Global Seminar. He has also been reaching out to the public affairs sections of US embassies worldwide, in coordination with Salzburg staff, to ask them to consider sponsoring their best American Studies academics to attend the symposia in Salzburg. Mark has also continued to study American-related topics and was asked to become a member of the Symposium's Advisory Council. Mark has volunteered to speak at several local universities, and believes his attendance in Salzburg reinforces his knowledge on topics to lecture and discuss with colleagues and other audiences. He is a member of the American Studies Advisory Board. He is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.

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