Human Rights Activist, Ethiopia

Noel Iglessias is the deputy director and co-founder of the sole LGBTI advocacy organization in his home city Addis Ababa. The organization, named Dana Social Group is a grassroots organization that primarily focuses on LGBTI overall healthcare, advocacy, and community strengthening. He always had passion geared towards social issues surrounding him such as environmental conservation, animal rights, and LGBTI issues. This is why he has ample experience working directly and sometimes indirectly with the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa, and Born Free wildlife sanctuary in areas such as social media management, photojournalism, event management, advocacy, healthcare, civil engagement, and often simply as a helping hand. After about four fairly successful years working with the Ethiopian LGBTI community, Noel's security and well-being was entirely compromised and he therefore had to flee from his country to Austria to find refuge. He now resides in Vienna, Austria where he is rebuilding his life. Noel studied sociology and social anthropology and minored in social philosophy at Unity University. He is currently puruing a degree in environmental and resource management at BOKU University in Vienna.

He is a Fellow of Session 551, Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: Strengthening Communities - LGBT Human Rights and Social Cohesion.

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