Sahar Mandour

Cultural Reporter and Columnist, As-Safir Newspaper, Egypt

Sahar Mandour is an editor of Palestine monthly supplement and a weekly cultural columnist at As-Safir newspaper. Her work as a journalist focuses on subjects related to gender, sexuality, social politics, and cultural criticism. She is also the author of several novels including Mina (2012), 32 (2010), Hobb Beiruti ("A Beiruti Love", 2009) and Sa'arsom Najma Aala Jabeen Vienna ("I'll Draw a Star On Vienna's Forehead", 2007). Many of them were best-sellers at the Beirut International Arab Book Fair. Ms. Mandour currently pursues an M.A. degree in media studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.



Reuters Institute Fellow Paper by Sahar Mandour

Hayat (an excerpt from 32)

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