Victor Yang

Community Organizer (Canada) & Doctoral Student, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Victor Yang is an educator and community organizer, currently in the final months of completing his Ph.D. in politics at the University of Oxford, UK. His research showcases the possibility and power of queer, low-income people of color within the HIV/AIDS movement. He focuses on the Philadelphia-based activist group at the forefront of tearing down trade barriers for transnational drug access, ultimately plummeting the cost of medicines for people with AIDS. Mr. Yang’s identity as a queer Asian American informs his commitment to racial and socioeconomic justice for urban communities of color. He served as anti-racist organizer in street-level community campaigns in Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and has led students and faculty at Oxford to ultimately launch Oxford’s first summit on race equality. Currently, Mr. Yang is bringing his praxis of anti-racist and anti-heterosexists to La Salle University in Philadelphia, where he serves on the sociology faculty.

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