Peter Rose

Sophia Smith Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology and Senior Fellow, Kahn Liberal Arts Institute, Smith College, and Visiting Scholar, Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, Stanford University

Peter Rose (Cornell Ph.D. 1959), sociologist and ethnographer, served as director of Smith College's American Studies Diploma Program for foreign graduate students for more than thirty years. Anchored at Smith since 1960 when he also joined the Graduate Faculty of the nearby University of Massachusetts, over the years he also taught at many other American universities, including Clark, Wesleyan, Colorado, UCLA, Yale, and Harvard; was a Fulbright professor in the UK, Japan, Australia, Austria, and The Netherlands; held short-term guest appointments in Iceland, Sweden, and Spain; was a resident scholar in Jerusalem, Beijing, Bellagio, Bogliasco, Oxford, the East-West Center in Honolulu, Harvard and Stanford, and served as consultant to a variety of governmental and private agencies and several publishing houses. His books include They and We (1964; 7e, 2014); The Subject is Race (1967), The Ghetto and Beyond (1969), Americans from Africa (1970; new ed. 2016), Strangers in Their Midst (1977), Working with Refugees (1986), The Challenge of Pluralism (1993), Tempest-Tost (1995), The Dispossessed: An Anatomy of Exile (2005), a memoir, Postmonitions of a Peripatetic Professor (2013), and, most recently, Mainstream and Margins Revisited: 60 Years of Commentary on Minorities in America (2017). He has long been affiliated with the Salzburg Global Seminar, organized SSASA sessions on race and ethnicity in 2002 and 2012 and serves on the SSASA Advisory Board and, since 2004, on the core faculty of the Global Citizenship Alliance.


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