Lyno Vuth

Artist, Curator and Artistic Director of Sa Sa Art Projects, Cambodia

Vuth Lyno is an artist, curator, and artistic director of Sa Sa Art Projects <> - a Phnom Penh community-based, knowledge-sharing platform and experimental art program. Mr. Vuth's artistic practice encompasses photography and sound and is primarily participatory in nature, engaging specific Cambodian communities and the cultures unique to them. Two notable projects - Thoamada <> (2011) and Thoamada II <> (2013) - communicate issues of identity, representation, memory and social structure within Cambodian LGBT communities. Mr. Vuth's curatorial practice currently considers community and notions of the alternative. He was a visual art curator for 2012's Cambodian Youth Arts Festival. He is also a curatorial assistant for IN RESIDENCE, the Visual Art Program of Season of Cambodia, NYC. In 2013, he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for doing an M.F.A. in art history in the United States.


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