Josephine Shaw

Co-founder Trans Media Watch;Trans Rights Activist, United Kingdom

Josephine Shaw is a trans activist and helped to found campaigning group Trans Media Watch (TMW) in 2009. TMW ( <>) aims to encourage the UK media to portray transgender and intersex people with 'accuracy, dignity and respect' and works with the press, radio, TV, government and media regulators. In 2011 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UK broadcaster Channel 4, opening the way for innovative programming and the appearance this year of Britain's first ever transgender TV presenter, Paris Lees. Ms. Shaw led ground breaking research for Channel 4 into the response of the trans community to television portrayal ('Ten Trans Lives'), and also built relationships with TV regulator Ofcom and the BBC through TMW's 'Insult with Impunity - How the transgender community experiences the media' project. She was part of the team that helped get the BBC's Trans Comedy Award ( <>) underway in collaboration with Trans Media Action and On Road Media and played a central role in TMW's major submission to the UK's recent public inquiry into press standards (The Leveson Inquiry). Ms. Shaw withdrew from her formal role with TMW in 2012 but continues to be active in support of the rights of transgender and intersex people, with a particular interest in fighting damaging portrayal in the media. She also works with the UK's only charity devoted to supporting transgender children and their families ( <>). She graduated from the University of Leeds with a B.A. in international history and politics and is a director at an international brand and research consultancy.


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