Pooja Badarinath

Program Coordinator, Advocacy and Research, CREA, India

Pooja Badarinath is a program coordinator, advocacy and research at CREA. She has been working in the women's rights sector for the past four years, specifically on violence against women and gender discrimination sexuality and law, focusing on the implementation of laws relating to women and on law reform. She has worked on sexuality, specifically LGBTI rights, associated with a coalition for the decriminalization of private consensual sexual acts between same-sex couples at CREA. CREA which is a part of the coalition on Voices against 377, was one of the petitioners in the High Court on decriminalization of same sex relations and reading down section 377. She also works with the coalition Sexual Rights Initiative, at the UN Human Rights Council, where the partners advocated for inclusion of sexuality and sexual rights in resolution including sexual orientation and gender identity, UPR reports through various strategies. Ms. Badarinath holds an LL.M. with a specialization in human rights. She is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.

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