Gloria Gonzàlez Zenteno

Associate Professor, Department of Spanish Director, Latin American Studies Program, Middlebury College, USA

Estela González (a.k.a. Gloria Estela Gonzalez Zenteno) is a fiction and nonfiction writer focusing on the intersections between class, gender, and environmental justice. Her stories and essays have appeared in literary journals such as the Barcelona Review, Cobalt, Connotation Press, Cronopio, Flyway, Kudzu House, The Fem, the Revista Mexicana de Literatura Contemporánea, Salon, and the best of Solstice Literary Magazine. She is currently preparing The Age of Aquarius, a collection of essays and stories on being gay and an immigrant in Mexico and the U.S. As a Professor at Middlebury College (Vermont, USA), Estela González teaches creative writing, Hispanic contemporary narrative, U.S. Latino literature and culture, and literature of the fantastic. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Latin American literature and a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She is a Fellow of ASC 30, The Politics of American Popular Culture: Here, There, and Everywhere, and Freeman 07, Freeman Foundation Symposium 2004.

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