Georges Azzi

Executive Director, Arab Foundation for Freedom and Equality, Beirut, Lebanon

Georges Azzi is a sexual rights and HIV/AIDS activist. He is a co-founder of HELEM, the first LGBT organization in the MENA region; board member and founder of MARSA, a comprehensive sexual health clinic in Beirut, Lebanon; founder and currently executive director of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), based in Lebanon. AFE's mission is to encourage and support activists working for sexual rights and gender equality in the MENA region. The organization works closely with activists across the MENA region. AFE's main activities are in capacity building to support a healthy culture of gender & sexual activism in the Arab world, regional networking, and security and protection, by providing activists with support guides and legal instruments they can use to protect their work. In addition, AFE maintains a resource center, where it conducts research on gender and sexuality across different countries of the MENA region in one online database, accessible for everyone. Georges is a Fellow of Session 506, LGBT and Human Rights: New Challenges, Next Steps, Session 545, Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: Creating Long-Term Global Networks to Sustain LGBT Human Rights Organizations, and Session 551, Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: Strengthening Communities - LGBT Human Rights and Social Cohesion.

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