Prosperous Nankindu

Minister of State for Education Kingdom of Buganda, Bulange- Mengo; Senior Lecturer Kyambogo University, Department of Languages and Communication, Kampala-Uganda, East Africa

Prosperous Nankindu is a Minister of State for education for the Kingdom of Buganda and a senior lecturer in the department of languages and communication at Kyambogo University in Kampala-Uganda, East Africa. She is a qualified teacher trainer and researcher with considerable experience in language policy and literacy acquisition in multilingual situations, African culture and mother tongue education, assessment, and evaluation. She sits on several boards at advisory level and has worked on local and international language and culture projects. She is an enthusiastic pursuer of opportunities for team membership, keen on lessons to learn out of all situations with great ability for multitasking without losing focus of main issues and desired goals. She is versatile, enjoys identifying key tasks and most likely best implementers as well as users of outcomes. She is devoted to embracing new approaches to learning, doing and understanding the inherent challenges of these approaches.


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