Esther Adeyinka

Development Intern

Esther Adeyinka is the development intern at Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria. Her primary role is to research both institutional and individual fundraising prospects and assist in developing proposals. Before joining Salzburg Global, Esther was a paralegal at a commercial law firm in Sydney and worked as part of the commercial litigation, projects, and employment teams. She has also served as a student advisor to her university's vice-chancellor, education officer for the Australian Law Students' Association and legal assistant for the Sydney Anglican Church, and is the owner and director of fashion start-up SHADIE BY EA. She has also volunteered at several community legal centers in Australia, which provide legal services to those marginalized in the community. Esther is currently in the final semester of her law (Hons) and arts (politics and international relations) degree at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney, Australia, where she is also a research assistant for the Notre Dame School of Law.

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