Astrid Koblmüller

Health Program Manager

Astrid Koblmüller is the Health Program Manager for Salzburg Global Seminar in their office in Salzburg, Austria. She joined the organization in 2007, originally as a Program Associate. In her current role, Astrid assists program directors with the development, administration, and logistics of primarily health-related sessions and provides logistical support for Sciana: The Health Leaders Network, organized by The Health Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Careum Stiftung in cooperation with Salzburg Global. Originally from Salzburg, she worked as a Project Manager and as an FSC consultant for a local wholesaling company before she joined Salzburg Global. She also worked as a student assistant and tutor in the Department for English and American Studies at the University of Salzburg. Astrid was awarded the Austrian Literary Fulbright Prize in American Studies in 2006. She is a graduate from Commercial College, Salzburg, and received an M.A. in English and American studies (summa cum laude) from the University of Salzburg, Austria.