Parbati Kumari Regmi

Intersex Human Rights Activist, Nepal

Esan Regmi is a member of the intersex community and acts as the executive director of Campaign for Change. Esan started to speak up for LGBTQIA rights in 2011 upon joining the Blue Diamond Society, Nepal's largest LGBTI support center, as a volunteer. Esan has since advocated for intersex human rights on the regional and national level and is also a member of Intersex Asia. Notably, Esan has collaborated with UNDP, UNICED, APF, UN Women, NHRC, ILGA World as well as ILGA Asia to raise more awareness for the issues that the intersex community is facing. In 2016 and 2017, Esan conducted the first national intersex meeting in Nepal. Esan holds a master's degree in literature and Nepalese.

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