Shuko Ebihara

Founder & Director, kuriya, Tokyo, Japan

Shuko Ebihara is the founder of kuriya, a non-profit organization which provides career education and capacity building opportunities for immigrant youth (age 16 to 26) in Japan. In collaboration with the Arts Council Tokyo and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, she has currently working on an art project called 'Between Passports Initiative' as a part of the Tokyo Artpoint project, which aims to empower both immigrant and local youth through various art activities, work-based learning, and life skills. Shuko also launched an international exchange project with NPOs and individuals from Hong Kong and Malaysia, which received funding from the Toyota International grant program. She worked at the International Organization for Migration in Helsinki and Tokyo, and the Japan Foundation where she was in charge of various cultural exchange projects. She has participated in the European Commission's Global Cultural Leadership Program and the Japan Women's Leadership Initiative hosted by the Fish Family Foundation. Additionally, she works as an interpreter and translator. Raised in Peru, Japan and the United Kingdom, Shuko holds a Bachelors of Law in international relations from Keio University, Tokyo.

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