Yuki Oka

Founder & Managing Director, Ubdobe, Tokyo, Japan

Yuki Oka is the founder and managing director of an NPO called Ubdobe which

organizes events based on "Medical & Welfare × ENTERTAINMENT" in Japan.

Mr. Oka was born in Tokyo and raised in San Francisco, California. Shocked by

the death of his mother and grandfather, Mr. Oka became a caregiver for the

elderly and people with disabilities. He started this NPO to develop a vehicle to

discuss illnesses and their challenges within the community, particularly with

young people. Mr. Oka started the event "SOCiAL FUNK!", to help young people

understand these issues. These events include music, food, and medical and

welfare talk sessions. Since 2010, the audiences have been able to dance and

learn. Such events are now organized all over Japan, and Ubdobe collaborates

with administrative agencies within the government to promote the events.

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