Maia Asshaq

Co-founder, Detroit Art Book Fair; Co-Founder, DittoDitto Books, Detroit, MI

Maia Asshaq is a Detroit-based author, publisher, and community organizer. She helped to co-found the Detroit Art Book Fair, as well as DittoDitto Books. Now in its fourth year, the Detroit Art Book Fair is an annual book fair designed to highlight independent literary artists and publishers as well as a way for artists and authors to connect with publishers and book distributers from around the United States and Canada. In addition, Ms. Asshaq co-founded an independent bookshop and publishing house called DittoDitto, which not only operates as a bookshop, but also hosts events ranging from poetry readings and artist talks, to experimental music performances and film screenings. On the publishing side, DittoDitto helps to design, produce, and distribute limited edition previously unreleased works from underrepresented artists from around the Detroit Area. She continues to work with other like-minded organizations, museums, and galleries within the Detroit-area and beyond to support local independent work.

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