Phina So

Director, Women Writers Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phina So leads Women Writers Cambodia, a charter of PEN Cambodia. She is also a full-time researcher at the Cambodia Development Resource Institute and was a speaker on the topic of women writers in Cambodia at the Cambodia Book Fair. Earlier this year, she and five other female authors published an anthology of short stories, “Crush Collection”. Ms. So encourages women to write via her personal blog, and on PEN Cambodia – Women Writers Committee via Facebook. She is now preparing another anthology called “My Most Critical Day”, second publication forthcoming in 2016. She has been active in the writing community and plans to put together a publication on the “Top Ten Cambodian Female Writers of Our Time” in the near future. Ms. So intends to continue to use a historical and philosophical perspective in her fictional writing in order to enquire into the role and identity of Cambodian women in the 1940s. Ms. So holds an M.A. in social work from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and has a strong background in social work and social development in both Australia and Cambodia.

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