Negede Gezahegn Gebremeskel

Human Rights Activist, Ethiopia

Negede Gezahegn Gebremeskel is a human rights activist and one of the co-founders and current executive director of DANA Social Group, a grassroots level LGBTI organization in Ethiopia. It is engaged in bridging physical and mental health gaps that the queer community faces, advocating visibility, and storytelling to amplify queer voices in the community, starting from designing different projects to coordinate their final execution. At the moment, he is seeking asylum in Austria due to his security being compromised and not being able to continue living in his home country. He is a computer science graduate, a Microsoft certified IT professional and he has been working as an IT expert with an INGO called PSI-Ethiopia for the past eight years. He is a Fellow of Session 551, Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: Strengthening Communities - LGBT Human Rights and Social Cohesion.

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