Moira Rubio Brennan

Co-Director, Fundación ph 15, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Moira Rubio Brennan co-directs Fundación ph15, a non-profit NGO formed by a group of people who believe that art is a valuable resource, allowing humankind to deploy its essence and develop its creative abilities, especially in a hostile and adverse reality. PH15 proposes to utilize visual art resources--especially photography--to foment new creative abilities, communicative and technical, in children and adolescents through the creation of workshops and activities designed to promote social integration and the socialization of artistic experience. She has worked in public administration for several years before she decided to join a photographic social project initiated in Ciudad Oculta (Hidden City). Ms. Rubio Brennan holds a degree in photography and assisted various expression and photographic technique workshops with renowned Argentinian photographers.

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