Hameed Haroon

Publisher, The DAWN Newspaper Group, Karachi, Pakistan

Hameed Haroon is the chief executive officer and publisher of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited & Pakistan Herald Limited, the publishers of the DAWN group of newspapers. The group also publishes DAWN—The Internet Edition, STAR, Pakistan’s leading English newspaper, and several influential print and internet magazines. DAWN is viewed as a powerful voice for democracy and moderation. Its objectivity has earned it a large readership in Pakistan, India, and the rest of the world. Mr. Haroon began working with the DAWN Group in 1969. Since 2001, Mr. Haroon has been the president of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society and he served as the honorary general secretary for the Pakistan Newspaper and Periodicals Organisation. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees for the Press Foundation of Asia since 1985. He is also a former vice chairman for the Press Institute of Pakistan. Mr. Haroon is active in cultural preservation and conservation in Pakistan through his involvement in numerous committees, trusts, and organizations. In 1993, Mr. Haroon was awarded the Shah Abdul Latif Award, the highest cultural award conferred by the government of Sindh. Mr. Hameed holds an M.A. in east Asian studies from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA; and an M.A. in political economy and economics from Boston University, Massachusetts, USA.

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