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Sep 12, 2016
by Jessica Franzetti
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Salzburg Global LGBT Forum Fellow Updates

Winning accolades, publishing books and articles, promoting LGBT rights, and premiering films - the Fellows of our Salzburg Global LGBT Forum have had a busy 2016! LGBT Forum founder, Klaus Mueller, speaks to a group of fellows during the 2015 session

Have you got some news - a new book, a promotion, a call for grant proposals - that you'd like to share with the Salzburg Global Fellowship? Email Salzburg Global Seminar Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke.

From being featured in the New York Times to leading an LGBT rights campaign in Japan, and showcasing Jamaica to mapping China's sex life, from alerting us to challenges for LGBT rights in Indonesia to our cheers for nominations as global leaders - find out what the Fellows of our Salzburg Global LGBT Forum have been up to in 2016. 

Tamara Adrian, a professor and human rights activist in Venezuela, was featured in a United Nations video, titled, UN Free & Equal: Why we Fight, which highlighted the individuals, groups and organizations fighting for change in their countries and communities. 

Watch the video here. 

Danish Sheikh, an advocate and researcher, has been featured in an article by The New York Times entitled “Dreaming of Gay Rights in Delhi.” The article talks about Danish’s assistance with two briefs in the Indian Supreme Court that is attempting to decriminalize homosexuality in India as well as his struggles he faced with his family accepting his sexuality.

A full article about Sheikh’s experiences can be found here.

Angeline Jackson, an LGBT rights activist and co-founder of the first registered organization for lesbian, bisexual and trans-women in Jamaica, was recently in the television documentary series, Gaycation, during its Jamaica episode. The show features Ellen Page, who travels to different countries and regions, exploring their LGBT rights and movements.

Watch the full episode here. 

Fumino Sugiyama is leading an LGBT rights campaign in Japan. An article about his work, titled, Transgender Man Helps Shibuya Make a Difference, was published in The Japan Times. 

The full article can be found here.

Kaoru Aoyama, a professor of sociology, was references in a Japan Times article, where she discussed the impact of new legislation on human right protections.

Read the full article here.

Martin Vidaurre Vaca, who provides legal representation to the LGBT community and works on political and legal advocacy in Bolivia, assisted in the passage of a Bolivian bill that will allow trans-people to change their name and gender on official documents. 

A full article about the law can be found here. He is featured on the left in the photo accompanying the article. 

Yinhe Li has been featured in an article by the BBC on the high speed sexual revolution happening in China. Li is the country’s leading sexologist and the article goes into detail about China’s history with laws on writing about sex, pornography and sex before marriage laws as well as Li’s history and influential work she has published in the country.

The article can be found on the BBC website here. 

Popo Fan, a filmmaker and writer, has been nominated as an LGBT activist making positive change in communities around the world in a Guardian Witness assignment.  Fan was nominated by Matthew Barren as a #LGBTChange hero and was described as “a monk of cinema, a one-man crew who carts everything around in a backpack.”

The Guardian’s list of nominees can be found here.

A book review has also been published for the book, Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures by Elisabeth L. Engebretsen and William F. Schroeder." The book is a volume of essays that explores queer activist communities in China, traversing such themes as media representation, queer filmmaking and film festivals and autoethnographic methodologies. Fan contributed chapters about strategies used by community activists to put on queer film festivals in contrast to festivals that are a given in other global cities.

In addition, Wei Wei - Professor of Sociology, East China Normal University, China - published an article in the same book where he charts HIV/AIDS activism in Chengdu through showing an organisation’s tactfulness in building up a positive media presence.

The book review can be read here.

Shereen El Feki, author and healthcare journalist, was recently featured in article and joint TED talk, where she discussed attitudes towards sex as well as mens' roles in the Arab world.

View the video and read the full article here

Tunggal Pawestri, a program officer of Hivos in Southeast Asia and an active campaigner for women's rights in Indonesia, wrote an article for the Jakarta post, titled, More hard times for Indonesian LGBT people, where she discusses the challenges facing LGBT rights in Indonesia.

Read the full article here. 

Sridhar Rangayan, a filmmaker and LGBT rights activist, was selected by a worldwide nomination to be part of the British Council’s inaugural “fiveFilms4freedom” Global List. The list consists of 33 inspiring people from 23 different countries who are changing social perceptions about LGBTQ communities throughout the world. As well as this, his documentary Breaking Free has won the Best Editing category of India’s 63rd National Film Awards.

To read more details about the film and the fiveFilms4freedom Global List, please read our article here. 

M.V.Lee Badgett, a professor of economics and the director of the Center for Policy & Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, published a book, titled, The Public Professor: How to Use Your Research to Change the World.

An article about her book can be found here. 

Badgett was also recently featured in The New York times article, The Most Detailed Map of Gay Marriage in America, which was published this September. 

Read the full article here. 

Georges Azzi, a Lebanese LGBT and human rights activist, was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article, titled, How gay rights advance democracy in the Middle East.

Read the full article here. 

Laurindo Garcia, a Filipino HIV advocate, was inducted as an Ashoka Global Fellow.

Lear more about the Ashoka fellowship program and Garcia's work in a full article here.

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, a Ugandan LGBT rights activist, wrote an article about the extreme challenges facing LGBT people in Uganda. She also reflect on the successes of the LGBT rights movement in the country. 

Read the full article here. 

Klaus Mueller, Founder and Chair of the Global LGBT Forum, redeveloped his Memorial Space 'Within the Pink Triangle' that showed six survivors of the Nazi persecution of homosexuals for an exhibit on 'Homosexualities' at the Münster Modern Art Museum (May-Sep 2016). Watch his interview about the long-term goals of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum here.


Some LGBT Forum Fellows at an impromptu reunion in Berlin earlier this year. 


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