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Salzburg Global President's Report 2018

The 2018 edition of the Salzburg Global President’s Report presents the renewed mission and strategic framework of the organization, announces an exciting new campaign, and reviews each of the last year’s programs

Combating Extremism and Promoting Pluralism

The Salzburg Global Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention series publishes new report 

Language Learning and Integration in a Globalized World

New report explores the importance of multilingualism and inclusive language policy 

The Asia We Want - A Clean and Green Asia

Report from the first in new series on regional cooperation in Asia offers innovative solutions to achieve “a clean and green Asia”

Connecting Local Innovators with Global Resources

New report from the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators chronicles how the annual convening in Austria is building a dynamic and impactful global network

Building a Global Community - Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: The First Five Years

Publication chronicling the progress, successes and impact of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum and its Fellows is now available to read, download and share

Report now online - The Courageous Director - Can Corporations Better Serve People, Planet, and Profit?

Report from the latest session of the Salzburg Global Forum on Corporate Governance now available to read, download and share

Report now online - Life and Justice in America: Implications of the New Administration

Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association reflects on the first year of US President Donald Trump

Urgency, Trust and Complexity - Key Concerns for Public Service

Report from the Public Sector Strategy Round Table addresses constraints and opportunities for the sector's future

Report now online - Getting Smart: Measuring and Evaluating Social and Emotional Skills

Latest report of the series Education for Tomorrow's World now available
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