YCI Forum - Knowing What You Do, Designing For Your User, and Being a Leader




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Oct 18, 2018
by Oscar Tollat
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YCI Forum - Knowing What You Do, Designing For Your User, and Being a Leader

Facilitators at YCI Forum reveal what participants can expect to learn during capacity-building workshops Participants are taking part in workshops led by Arundhati Ghosh, Adam Molyneux-Berry, and Amina Dickerson

A fixture of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators over recent years has been a series of capacity-building workshops designed to help participants take their next steps forward in their lives.

This year’s program is no exception. Participants will receive advice from three experienced facilitators on different aspects of their work, all three of them having attended programs at Schloss Leopoldskron previously.

Adam Molyneux-Berry, an award-winning social entrepreneur and ecosystem builder, is returning to Salzburg for the third time. He is leading a workshop titled “Principles of Self-Organization.”

He said, “What we have noticed over the last few years at the YCI [Forum] is that one of the highest requirements [participants] will have when they come into the program is funding. They all say that they are looking for funding. I kind of don’t agree with that... What they actually need is people power.

“What this session is about is how they can leverage the strengths that they each have to solve their problems before the money stage, and then get to a point where when they do receive money, they are actually ready to take that money and do something useful with it.”

Amina Dickerson, president of Dickerson Global Advisors, meanwhile, will explore the culturally diverse concepts of leadership with participants.

She said, “My workshop is about leadership values and vision. It’s really to help the Fellows focus on what their own style of leadership is, what values undergird that, and how they can best prepare themselves for the long arc of their careers with thoughtfulness and intention about how they lead, what it is that is their compelling purpose in leading and then what resources and skills they need to do that in the best way they can.

“I think particularly in this time, it is very, very important for leaders to understand what motivates people, what are the tools that they need to really have impact in the world and to be, as many of them have said, authentic leaders.”

Arundhati Ghosh, executive director at the India Foundation for the Arts, will be guiding participants on how to communicate the value of their work. She said, “The first part of the session is going to be an understanding of communicating stories and how stories are built around why you do what you do and the people they serve.

“But the second part of the session will be more focused on, ‘How do you then take the story and make it work for those that you are seeking resources from?’ It could be funding, it could be partnerships, it could be collaborations...”

The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators V is part of a ten-year multi-year series. This year's program is supported by the Albanian-American Development Foundation, American Express, Arts Council Malta, Arts Council Korea, Asia-Europe Foundation,  Bush Foundation, Cambodian Living Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Foundation Adelman pour l’Education, Fulbright Greece, Japan Foundation, Korea Foundation, the Llewellyn Thompson Memorial Fellowship, Robert Bosch Stiftung, The Kresge Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, The Nippon Foundation, World Culture Open, Adena and David Testa, and the U.S. Embassy Valetta, Malta. More information on the program can be found here. More information on the series can be found here. You can follow all the discussions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by using the hashtag #SGSyci.