Salzburg Global Takes Active Role in Discussions at International Meetings on Planetary Health




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May 28, 2018
by Oscar Tollast
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Salzburg Global Takes Active Role in Discussions at International Meetings on Planetary Health

Clare Shine presents at events organized by the InterAction Council and the Planetary Health Alliance Clare Shine and other participants at this year's strategic event held by the InterAction Council (Picture: Helen Corvus)

Salzburg Global Seminar has reaffirmed its commitment to helping create healthier and more inclusive societies after taking part in a strategic event held by the InterAction Council.

Clare Shine, vice president and chief program officer of Salzburg Global, was invited to take part in a high-level planning meeting on Monday, May 28 to design a roadmap for Collaborative Action on “One Health for People and Planet.”

Shine was one of a select group of participants invited to Edinburgh to help build on the Dublin Charter for One Health, adopted by the Council in June 2017.

The Dublin Charter for One Health calls for the strengthening of multi-sector solutions to enable the Sustainable Development Goals. It advocates for preventative approaches for peace and security and resilience in emerging threats. It highlights the need for the mainstreaming of One Health within health systems for universal health coverage and the strengthening of One Health governance mechanisms for systems reform. Last, but not least, it calls for the building of planetary health leadership for future generations.

Shine presented to the group on the topic of planetary health, outlining the challenges to and opportunities for scaling up action. After lunch, Shine moderated a panel discussion on multi-sector responses that could enhance a healthy planet for all. This discussion included Dr Mandeep Dhaliwal, director of HIV, Health and Development Practice, UNDP; Sophie Howe, commissioner for future generations, Welsh Government; Professor Virginia Murray, from Global Disaster Risk Reduction, Public Health England; Judith Diment, a Rotary International representative to the Commonwealth; Dr Fiona Adshead, deputy CEO and director of strategy and partnerships at the NCD Alliance; and Professor Vajira Dissanayake, president of the Commonwealth Medical Association.

Salzburg Global Fellows, including Tracey Cooper, chief executive of Public Health Wales, and Joanna Nurse, strategic advisor for InterAction Council, were also present at the meeting.

Shine said, “Wherever we live, our health, security and life chances will increasingly depend on the health of our planet, climate, and natural systems - which are themselves fundamental to sustainable economies in a fast-urbanizing world. Given Salzburg Global’s commitment to transform systems for healthy and inclusive societies, we are delighted to work with the Interaction Council, composed of former heads of state, to advance the One Health for People and Planet agenda as a framework for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The InterAction Council, established in 1983, consists of former world leaders and former heads of government. It is co-chaired by Bertie Ahern, from Ireland, and Olusegun Obasanjo, from Nigeria.  The outcomes of this meeting will be under discussion at the next InterAction Council Plenary session, which will be held in China later this year.

This meeting acted as a precursor to the second Planetary Health Annual Meeting, which took place in Edinburgh between May 29 and 31. This event aimed to “bring together new communities around the world to stimulate interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration towards ground-breaking solutions to major planetary health challenges.”

The three-day event included keynote addresses, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Topics under discussion included food, nutrition, environmental change, mental health, agriculture, and animals.

On Wednesday, May 30, Shine spoke as part of program event titled, “Solution Space: Creating and Collaborating.” She will reflect on nature, cities, and children’s well-being while discussing the work and impact of Salzburg Global’s Parks for the Planet Forum.

For more information on the Planetary Health Annual Meeting, click here. Review live coverage of the meeting on Twitter using the #planetaryhealth2018 hashtag.