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Sep 27, 2016
by Jan Heinecke
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Salzburg Global In India

Salzburg Global Fellowship Manager joined Fellows at the Pune International Literary Festival

Following last year's Fellowship event in Mumbai on India's Role in a Globalized World: New Priorities and Expanded Horizons, Salzburg Global Seminar this year partnered with the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF), which took place September 2 to 4, 2016. The collaboration is a result of Salzburg Global's ongoing engagement with an increasing number of Indian Fellows in recent years.

Several international Salzburg Global Fellows joined the festival, facilitated workshops, and participated in panel discussions throughout the weekend to consider various aspects of the literary sphere. The festival’s program also explored the transformative powers of culture and the arts in general, which is a cornerstone theme of Salzburg Global’s programming, most recently expressed through Sessions on Conflict Transformation through Culture and Living Arts in Post Conflict Contexts

The topic was explored further in a Salzburg Global Seminar panel discussion on “Challenging Global Leaders,” putting it into perspective with Salzburg Global’s broader program strategy and mission. Chaired by Salzburg Global Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke, Fellows on the panel provided an engaged audience with vivid accounts of the impact their Salzburg experiences had on their lives and careers.

PILF was founded and is still directed by Salzburg Global Fellow Manjiri Prabhu. The award-winning Indian author credits her experience as a Fellow of the Session From Page to Screen in 2002 in inspiring her to launch the festival which she sees as a a space for amazing people to meet and share their thoughts to make a change. Prabhu herself held a soft launch of her upcoming novel The Trail of Four, which is set in Salzburg and Schloss Leopoldskron and is the result of her stay in Salzburg in 2014.

Prabhu’s brother Rajeev and sister Sonia also played roles in organizing PILF – and are also Salzburg Global Fellows in their own right, having attended five sessions between them on topics including education, sustainability, and digital media.

In addition to the Prabhus, other Salzburg Global Fellows taking part in the festival included: Neil Hollander, writer and filmmaker (USA), Fellow of a number of sessions including From Page to Screen: Adapting Literature to Film; Boyd Tonkin, Chair of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize judging panel (UK); Fellow of Traduttore Traditore? Recognizing and Promoting the Critical Role of Translation in a Global Culture; and Régine Hollander, academic and translator (France), Fellow of two sessions including Teaching English for Specific Purposes: Law and Business

The two-day festival saw more than 11,000 people participating in over 60 workshops, discussions and book presentations, giving them the chance to meet face-to-face with celebrated Indian and international authors and other inspiring changemakers, such as Narayana Murthy, philanthropist and founder of Indian software giant Infosys.  

As well as representing Salzburg Global Seminar and chairing a panel at PILF, Heinecke also seized the opportunity to cultivate and re-engage Fellows from Pune and the region, making new connections and exchanging views at a Fellow dinner held during the festival. Additional meetings with long-time supporters as well as recent Session Fellows in Mumbai made the trip even more successful, maintaining Salzburg Global’s continued presence in the region.