Salzburg Global Fellows Included in "Top 25 Women in Higher Education and Beyond"




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Mar 07, 2017
by Oscar Tollast
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Salzburg Global Fellows Included in "Top 25 Women in Higher Education and Beyond"

Salzburg Global Fellows Stella Flores and Susana Maria Muñoz feature in Diverse magazine's Top 25 Women in Higher Education & Beyond Dr. Stella Flores and Dr. Susana Maria Muñoz speaking at Salzburg Global Seminar in 2014

Two Salzburg Global Fellows have been acknowledged as two of the top 25 women in higher education and beyond.

Diverse Issues In Higher Education magazine has recognized both Dr. Stella Flores and Dr. Susana Maria Muñoz for their significant contributions.

The magazine is a biweekly trade publication which reports on diversity, access, and opportunity for all in higher education. 

The Top 25 Women in Higher Education & Beyond features in the magazine’s March 9 edition.

It highlights Dr. Flores as an “expert” in higher education issues and describes her research as having a “wide and influential scope.” It refers to Dr. Munoz and her research on “issues of college access, persistence and identity among under-represented student populations.”

Dr. Flores, Professor of Education at New York University, and Dr. Muñoz, Associate Professor of Education at Colorado State University, both attended Session 537 Students at the Margins and the Institutions that Serve Them: A Global Perspective.

The goals of the session included developing a database for institutions serving marginalized populations worldwide. This database would act as a common reference point for facilitating interested parties and sharing knowledge and practices.

The session also aimed to create a global network of individuals and institutions interested in the practical implementation of issues, including student learning, gender parity, and affirmative action.

In addition to these aims, the session was designed to stimulate fresh thinking on how colleges and universities could most effectively provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged and marginalized people.

During the session, Dr. Flores spoke to Salzburg Global about how affirmative action was disappearing in U.S. states and the detrimental impact this was having. Meanwhile, Dr. Muñoz talked to Salzburg Global about the many challenges undocumented students faced in higher education, including the constant fear they or their family could be deported.

This program concluded with session partners Salzburg Global, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions committing to help participants take their ideas forward. To read a report of this session, please click here